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Welcome to Mesh - Version 0.2.0

Mesh is an open-source persistence framework for Adobe Flex. Its aim is to make the persistence of your application's model as transparent as possible.

Mesh provides the mechanisms for defining the associations between your models, tracking which objects need to be saved, validating the integrity of your data, and mapping your models to backend services. In addition, Mesh is completely agnostic to the backend service that you use. It can be used with any existing AMF, REST, SOAP service, and hypothetically an AIR application running a SQLite database.

Mesh follows the guidelines of semantic versioning.

Getting Started

The following resources will help you learn the concepts of Mesh, and how to implement Mesh in your application.


These guides are a great place to start learning more about Mesh. They're aimed to help you understand how all the different pieces of Mesh fit together.

API Documentation

Browse through the framework classes and their documentation.

Source Code

If you're interested in how a certain aspect of the framework is implemented, the best way is to dive into the source! Mesh is hosted at GitHub and is viewable by anyone.


If you're a talented and dedicated individual who's looking to contribute and foster the growth of an open-source project, you're looking at the right place. Here are some areas where you can become a part of the ongoing development of Mesh.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

A simple and easy way to contribute is to report any bugs that you find. Mesh uses Lighthouse for tracking its issues. If you want to file a ticket, you'll need to create a free Lighthouse account.

Lighthouse is also the place to submit feedback on new features that are being implemented. If you feel like a certain aspect of the API is clumsy or could be implemented better, post a comment on the feature's ticket.


The Mesh Guides is another area where you can help. These guides can be edited by anyone with a GitHub account. The best place to start is by improving an existing guide. This could include improving the structure of the content, add missing information, correcting errors and typos, and bringing them up to date with the latest release.

Code and Patches

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and start hammering out code, a great place to start is by submitting bug patches. You can browse through open issues at Lighthouse.


Mesh is released under the MIT license.

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