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Peakium Documentation Viewer

Peakium Documentation Viewer is built to display multi-format documentation in a beautiful presenter. It is built to require no maintenance. It can version track documentation, thus making it easy to maintain and update documentation in git repositories and archive files.


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The documentation viewer requires Composer to work. Install composer and run composer inside the directory. Composer will download and install all required dependencies in the vendor directory.

$ composer install

Installation guide for Linux and Windows.


You need to create the file config.json and add the appropriate configuration values. Use config.json.default as example.

You install (and update) the documentation files by running

$ php bin/install

This command will download and install (or update) from all documentation URL's specified in the documentation key in config.json, into the directory docs.

Configuration Parameters


Key Description
title The base HTML page title.
layout-dir The layout directory to use, default used by default.


The pages key consists of a directory with one or more page(s). The order of each page in the configuration, will be the order they are displayed in the sidebar menu, including the section.

The page can contain following parameters:

Key Description
title The title for the page, displayed in the menu.
section The section the page should be categorised in.
format The type of documentation. view means that it will be loaded from the view directory. markdown means that it will parse a markdown file.
reference The location of the documentation. For format view this would be in the view directory. For markdown this would be in the docs directory.

Markdown specific values

Key Description
default_file The file to load first in a documentation directory. Default is README.
file_extension The extension of the documentation files. Default is .md.
depth The depth that a markdown file should display. When not reaching maximum depth the documentation viewer will include any subsequent linked file in the same page, in the order they are found.


The documentation key consists of a directory with one or more documentation location(s). They are used to download and version track documentations. The format are as below:

"directory-name": "url"

The directory-name will be the actual name that the directory will be installed in under docs, and this is also the reference value for the pages.

Custom Controllers

You can add custom controllers in the controller/ directory. Read more

The custom controller will be loaded first, thus if you access http://localhost/my_controller_name/ it will try to load the MyControllerName class first (filename would be my_controller_name.php). If no class or file is found, the documentation viewer will try find the appropriate page in the pages key of config.json.


Layout can be modified in view. The best way to make your custom layout is to create a new directory in view. default is used as an example layout.

Any assets (images, css, etc) can be added in public/assets directory. This directory also contains a default directory as example assets.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Composer
  • Git for git documentation


Dan Schultzer

Kasper Christensen


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