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The Page Dialog plugin for Prims.Forms offers you the ability to quickly and easily add a Page Dialog Service that doesn't rely on the bland dialogs built into Xamarin for each platform. Instead you are able to provide a custom look and feel for each of your projects.

Current Build Build status

Package Version
Prism.Plugin.PageDialogs 2

Platform Initialion

This plugin itself requires no platform initialization however you will need to initialize Rg.Plugin.Popup

Customized Look & Feel

To make this all work and still provide your custom look and feel you can simply inherit from our custom page dialog service and register it.

public class MyPageDialogService : CustomPageDialogService
     protected override ActionSheetPageBase GetActionSheet( string title, string message, string cancelButton, string destroyButton, string[] otherButtons )
        // return your custom ActionSheetPage as long as it inherits from ActionSheetPageBase

    protected override AlertPageBase GetAlertPage( string title, string message, string acceptButton, string cancelButton )
        // return your custom AlertPage as long as it inherits from AlertPageBase

In your PrismApplication class

protected override void RegisterTypes()