Sample project implementing support for a non-Prism supported IOC Container
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Prism Ioc Demo

The Prism team cannot support every container out there. Looking at Ioc Performance Benchmarks you may feel you want to use a non-supported container such as Grace. While Grace's performance metrics are fantastic, it currently does not have enough of a following to justify adding it as an official container.

Popup Plugin Compatible

Because of the container abstraction, the Popup Plugin remains fully compatible with our application while only ever providing that single class.

Container Extension

Prism 7's Ioc Abstractions make supporting new containers extremely easy. As you'll see from this demo app, we only have to add a single class implementing IContainerExtension.

public class GraceContainerExtension : IContainerExtension<IInjectionScope>
    public GraceContainerExtension()
        : this(new DependencyInjectionContainer())

    public GraceContainerExtension(IInjectionScope injectionScope)
        Instance = injectionScope;

    public IInjectionScope Instance { get; }

    public bool SupportsModules => true;

    public void FinalizeExtension() { }

    public void Register(Type from, Type to) =>
        Instance.Configure(c => c.Export(to).As(from));

    public void Register(Type from, Type to, string name) =>
        Instance.Configure(c => c.Export(to).AsKeyed(from, name));

    public void RegisterInstance(Type type, object instance) =>
        Instance.Configure(c => c.ExportInstance(instance).As(type));

    public void RegisterSingleton(Type from, Type to) =>
        Instance.Configure(c => c.Export(to).As(from).Lifestyle.Singleton());

    public object Resolve(Type type) =>

    public object Resolve(Type type, string name) =>
        Instance.Locate(type, withKey: name);

    public object ResolveViewModelForView(object view, Type viewModelType)
        Page page = null;

            case Page viewAsPage:
                page = viewAsPage;
            case BindableObject bindable:
                page = bindable.GetValue(ViewModelLocator.AutowirePartialViewProperty) as Page;
                return Instance.Locate(viewModelType);

        var navService = Instance.Locate<INavigationService>(withKey: PrismApplicationBase.NavigationServiceName);
        ((IPageAware)navService).Page = page;
        return Instance.Locate(viewModelType, new[] { navService });

Instead of inheriting from a PrismApplication we can inherit directly from PrismApplicationBase and pass back our GraceContainerExtension for CreateContainerExtension().

public partial class App
    public App() : base() { }

    public App(IPlatformInitializer initializer) : base(initializer) { }

    protected override IContainerExtension CreateContainerExtension() =>
        new GraceContainerExtension();

    protected override void OnInitialized()

    protected override void RegisterTypes(IContainerRegistry containerRegistry)