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This is a community-driven, object-oriented taco recipe repo. Please fork and submit your own recipes, because the more there are, the more delicious it gets.

This repository contains a few different directories:

  • full tacos
    • This contains full descriptions of tacos. Those tacos may contain additional elements from other directories.
  • base layers
    • This is where you'll find meats, beans, tofu, and other things that make up the 'base' of your taco goodness.
  • mixins
    • The base is important, but what you add to it is what makes the taco glow.
  • condiments
    • Do you make a motherfucking salsa? Do you know how to pickle your own jalapeños? Yeah, put it here.
  • seasonings
    • Hot and spicy? Rubs and mixes? It's all in here.
  • shells
    • Your base layers and mixins and condiments have to go into something, right? Put your tortilla recipes here.
  • like_tacos
    • A collection of things that are like tacos, either in shape or flavor, but actually aren't.

Full Index

Want to see all the recipes in Tacofancy? Hit the full index. WARNING: IT IS CRAZY DELICIOUS.

Full Index

Notes on Writing & Naming Conventions

We want YOU, yes, YOU, to submit your amazing recipes to Tacofancy, so we've made it super easy to fork, create, and submit pull requests with your additions to the repo. But PLEASE read the Writing For Tacofancy document for a full (but quick) explanation on how to best write your recipes.

Writing for Tacofancy

Are You New to Github But Want to Contribute?

No better time than the present to learn Git! Thankfully, this repo is pretty simple. Github makes some amazing guides that are a great starting point. Specifically, I'd recommend you start with the Understanding the Github Workflow guide, which is an awesome top-level explanation of how all this works. From there, pretty much everything you'd want to know to contribute to Tacofancy is contained in Github's very handy Forking Projects guide section. Beyond that, their help section is crazy helpful.

Are you using Tacofancy to Teach Github?

That's awesome! Tacofancy is a great way to teach the basics of the Github workflow. But keep in mind that Tacofancy is also a working repo. Our recommended workflow for teaching from Tacofancy is to create your own fork, have your students fork from that so they are submitting pull requests to you, not us. From there, you can help them through the hard bits, make sure they're operating at maximum deliciousness, and then submit a pull request to this repo with their stuff.

Tacofancy-Inspired Projects

It's not just the tacos on Tacofancy that are open source, but the idea and the code too. There are some cool projects that are spinning off of Tacofancy, and it's worth collecting them here (if you're working on a tacofancy-inspired project, feel free to add it to this README)

  • The Taco Randomizer need inspiration? the Taco Randomizer leverages Tacofancy to build a randomly created full taco (and can also supply it as JSON).

  • Tacofancy API by @evz is a project to create an API from the objects on Tacofancy. The API drives the Taco Randomizer.

  • @tacobot is a work-in-progress Twitter bot that tweets when a new file is added to the Tacofancy repo.

  • the_great_taco_hunt is a repo dedicated to documenting great taco locations, inspired by Tacofancy.


This whole thing began on a cold November evening with the warmth of some steak, sweet potato, and apple tacos aglow in my belly. It started with just three recipes in it. Now it has well over a hundred. Nice job, world.

Oh hi, I'm @dansinker.


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