asciiPlasma is a C port of - mesmerizing eye-candy now in your console!
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Mesmerizing eye-candy plasma goodness now in your console!

asciiPlasma is a C port of Lee W. Fastenau's javascript asciiPlasma. You might also want to check out a reddit discussion that inspired this port.


$ gcc -Wall -g -O2 -o asciiPlasma asciiPlasma.c -lm -lncurses
$ ./asciiPlasma

coming soon

  • custom terminal dimensions as parameters (-w and -h)
  • option to switch between PAL1 and PAL2 at runtime (-1 and -2)
  • use colors/shades of gray on the palette (256 color terminals?)
  • optional text message to be displayed in the middle ([-m <message>])
  • handle terminal resizing gracefully
  • redirect output to another terminal (mesmerize your co-workers in troll-mode!)

keywords: linux ascii art animation console ncurses plasma xterm