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20i Domain Check

A Docker image to utilise the 20i Domain Check API and return domain availability. Runs a domain availability check against the 20i reseller API and returns an order link if the domain is available, or the expiry date if already registered.


To speed up the checking of domain name availability, ideally from the command line with little 'up front' requirements to perform and get a rapid and easy to read reply.


  • An active 20i Reseller Account
  • Your 20i API Key
  • Docker
  • (Although the script could be used without Docker if needed)

Getting Started

20i API Key

API keys can be retrieved from The key required is the 'General API Key'.

### Environment Variable This image relies on an environment variable of your API key being present to work. Adding the following to your system profile file, .bash_profile or .oh-my-zsh in my case.

export TWENTYIAPIKEY="api_key_from_20i"

This then allows you to run the container as an alias on your system, pulling in your API key from env vars.

Quick Run

Once the environment variable is set, you can now run the container with the following:

docker run --rm danstreeter/20i-domain-check

Alias Setup

To make this even easier, the following alias can be added to your .bash_alias or equivelant file:

alias domaincheck='docker run --rm danstreeter/20i-domain-checker $TWENTYIAPIKEY '