A set of challenges designed to teach Grasshopper by creating a set of active learning / problem-solving challenges -- learning-by-doing-and-solving, rather than learning-by-watching-videos.
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GrasshopperChallenges (v0.4)

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GrasshopperChallenges are a set of challenges designed to teach Grasshopper by creating a set of active learning / problem-solving challenges -- learning-by-doing, rather than learning-by-watching-videos. The challenges are designed to be fun, and also to highly limit the scope of each problem, so that learners can tackle one aspect of Grasshopper at a time.

##>>> v0.4 ZIP Download link <<< (The challenges are being continually updated, so please check back once in a while for updated versions.)

How to use this set of Challenges:

Download the files via the ZIP link above, or clone the repository.

  • If you're new to Grasshopper, I highly recommend reviewing the 'Node Logic' and 'Grasshopper Intro' videos on the GSAPP Skill Tree, then starting with GH_Challenges_A_Intro_to_Grasshopper.ghx.

  • If you're more comfortable with Grasshopper, I recommend starting with GH_Challenges_B_Logic.ghx and onwards.

  • If you're looking to start with Grasshopper & representational techniques, I recommend starting with GH_Challenges_E_representation.ghx

As a rule of thumb, each set of Challenges were designed to take between 15 min ~ 45 min to solve, if encountered at the appopriate skill level.

Other resources:

References / precedents for learning-by-doing:

Release notes:

  • v0.4, June 2, 2019 Added some slight edits and a Trees challenge.

  • v0.3, Feb 21, 2017 Added GPLv3 license, release notes, and better documentation in Readme.MD

  • v0.2, Feb 21, 2017 Edited with more commentary and information, especially about zooming in to preview hints, and placing 'Challenge' text on the Rhino canvas.

  • v0.1 First release.

License / attribution / usage:

The Grasshopper Challenges are licensed under a copyleft, GPLv3 license. Please feel free to use and to modify under its terms.

I would also appreciate a note if you use this in a class/session/workshop, just to fulfill my curiosity. And any and all feedback is much appreciated!