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enter image description here #What is this? Project SA, or Project Smash Attacks, is a moveset editor for the Wii fighting game Super Smash Brothers Brawl. After a while, I wrote a open source version called OpenSA. One rewrite later, rewrites later, and I have decided to start this google code project on a final take on the application, with a goal of stepping away from the Brawl modding community when it is completed.


  • OpenSA3Lib, a C# library for modifying the files
  • Tabuu, a editing application based on OpenSA3Lib

This will allow someone else to take over this project in my absence.


The goal of this project is to create a side tool to the wonderful BrawlBox created by Kryal While BrawlBox does an excellent job of editing 90% of Brawl files, there are a few filetypes that BrawlBox doesn't edit, or doesn't visualize well, etc. OpenSA's main focus are the moveset files that contain the information for each characters moves.


Milestone 1

  • Create a moveset viewer that can view everything that OpenSA2 can
  • Code the project so that editing support will be there from the beginning
  • Code the project to be able to keep track of unknown areas in the files
  • Emedded IronPython Console for running batch operations and queries on files.

Milestone 2

  • Create tools and scripts with the goal of being about to account for every byte in the moveset files
  • Add in luxury features such as model+animation+hitbox display

Milestone 3

  • 100% Documentation of the moveset files
  • A .pac file rebuilder
  • A IronPython based PSA language for writing movesets


The above is a tentative plan that can change at any time. If you have a feature request or a question, you can create an Issue on the Issues page, or you can PM Dantarion on SmashBoards, AIM, or on #projectm on

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