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Updated readme with a bit more info, and prerequisites

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-Generate thumbnails for items stored on CloudApp.
-Pollex is released under the MIT license.
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+# Pollex
+Pollex generates thumbnails for items stored on CloudApp. It's a thin client
+that at its heart is a simple [Sinatra] app which pings
+the [CloudApp API] for its details, and renders a thumbnail or icon according
+to the type of drop.
+[cloudapp api]:
+## Prerequisites
+Pollex's needs are basic:
+* Ruby 1.9.3 - If using RVM, then... <code>rvm install 1.9.3</code>
+* [Bundler]
+* An Event Machine based web server such as [Thin]
+* [ImageMagick] - If using Homebrew... <code>brew install imagemagick</code>
+## Parting Words
+We'd love to see what you're doing with Pollex. [Get a hold of us][twitter] and
+show it off! Did you find something broken? Have questions getting things
+running? [Open an issue][issue] or send over a pull request.
+## License
+Pollex is released under the MIT license.
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