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Porting Wikia's Monaco skin into a brandless MediaWiki skin for vanilla MediaWiki

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To install, install monaco-port into a monaco/ folder in your skins/ folder. From the command line you can do this by cd'ing to your skins/ folder inside your MediaWiki installation and running `git clone git:// monaco`.

After you have placed the skin into that folder add `require_once("$IP/skins/monaco/monaco.php");` near the end of your LocalSettings.php to finish installation of the skin.

MediaWiki 1.17 includes the hook OutputPageBodyAttributes and the modifications to OutputPage.php and Skin.php necessary for this skin to add body classes into skins. If you are running an earlier verson you may apply the included OutputPageBodyAttributes.patch patch to your MediaWiki code to include the changes introduced into MediaWiki 1.17. This is a forward-compatible patch, you do not have to worry about re-applying it after you upgrade. Note that this patch was designed for MediaWiki 1.16, it has not been tested on earlier versions -- then again this skin probably won't even run on MediaWiki 1.15 since it uses MediaWiki 1.16 features.

You can also include the ExtendedBodyAttributes.php code if you wish to re-introduce the mainpage and loggedout classes that were in Wikia's version of Monaco, doing this will actually make these css classes available globally to all skins that are programmed using the MediaWiki 1.16 headElement code.

There is also another sub skin for monaco included in the package, AniMonaco, which features some of my own ideas geared towards animanga wiki. You can install it similarly using `require_once("$IP/skins/monaco/animonaco.php");`, be sure to install Monaco first.

Additionally you can install the ContentRightSidebar extension using `require_once("$IP/skins/monaco/ContentRightSiebar.php");`, doing so will provide you with a <right-sidebar>...</right-sidebar> tag which will create right floated content in the page that will be moved into the right sidebar in monaco based skins. You can also use it with the args <right-sidebar with-box title="My Title">...</right-sidebar> to include that sidebar in a sidebar box.

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