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Flickr Interestingness Explorer

Project Description

Flickr has a secret "interestingness" algorithm that picks 500 photos a day that it determines as the most "interesting". This visualization allows you to explore the tags associated with these interesting photos, as well as the cameras they were taken by. You can select a month's worth of photos -- we grab over a thousand photos for the selected month (exact amount varies, as returned by the Flickr API), and display the top 15 tags, or top 12 cameras.

It is quite interesting (pun intended..) to see how popular tags change over the course of year, and to see how the tags/cameras used change over the years.

Team Members and Roles

Dan Tsai - D3 work, JavaScript/jQuery/jQueryUI work, working with Flickr API, JSON caching, HTML/CSS
Dheera Prabhakar - JavaScripting, jQuery, Flickr API calls, onclick behavior for bars and carousel, populating carousel on page load.
Divya Menghani - JavaScripting, creating some bar graph code in D3
Shaohan Chen - HTML/CSS/jQuery, UI concept design

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, D3.js, Flickr API

Link to Demo Version

Known Bugs

When you scrub through the slider very quickly, the animations get a little choppy as it draws, clears and redraws many times.