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About waste2fuel

App enables owners of orchards and vineyards to give the location of pruned branches in order for biomass producers to pick up the branch pile. It gives an overview of available mass, but also functionality to analyse security risks of burning the piles and to check the reliability of the given location by using LPIS dataset. The datasets used are taken from DRDSI platform - digital orthophoto WMS, Corine Land Cover, ARKOD-LPIS and OpenStreetMap. It produces new dataset - potential biomass locations (PBL). The main benefits are:

  • Security is increased since there is less burning outdoors without controlled conditions
  • The owners have less work since they don't need to organize burning activities, so it is easier for them to maintain the orchard or vineyard
  • Environment protection – less pollution of atmosphere from combustion
  • Environment protection – less healthy trees need to be cut down in order to acquire raw material for biomass
  • Energy production – more biomass for production of energy resources
  • Science – one more spatial dataset on bioenergy material. The application is based on OpenLayers, Geoserver and PostgreSQL.

Members of project team

Josip Lisjak; Saša Vranić; Hrvoje Tomić; Tomáš Kliment