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GeoData 4 JIRA - Visualization extension

About Jira GeoData 4 JIRA - Visualization extension

Our project is based on GeoData for JIRA extension. This addon is currently used in New Town district in Bratislava to collect requests and suggestions. This dataset is also used in our project as reference data. Our work in the project is focused on three goals:

  • Create mobile application to collect requests
  • Allow citizens to link their requests with objects from external datasets (public lights, trash bins, etc.)
  • Provide Heat map for requests based on specific metrics (votes, severity, etc.)

Members of project team

Andrej Ďumbala (andrej.dumbala@eea.sk), Tomáš Matula (tomas.matula@eea.sk), Pavol Goliaš (pavol.golias@eea.sk), Karol Bujaček (karol.bujacek@eea.sk), László Nagy (laszlo.nagy@eea.sk), Jozef Szadvári

Project status

At the present we cannot provide the link to project we created on DanubeHack 2.0, because it is not on production server now. It has to be updated and tested first. For now, you can check the current state of GeoData 4 JIRA (which is the project we based our work on) on these links: