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Welcome to the Slovak hydrometeorological institute INSPIRE & OpenData project wiki!

Team: Peter Hanečák, Kathi Schleidt, Tomáš Kliment

Description: Project re-using meteorological data from Slovak hydrometeorological institute with aim to provide data as Open Data via CSV files as well as (INSPIRE aligned) services. The OGC SensorThings API, which has been proposed as an alternative download service within INSPIRE for the provision of measurement data, was utilized for data provision. In addition this project built a simple web map application based on this service, allowing the users to display stations on the map with information about the measurements and their values. Finally, the project is utilising the data to display them in graph representation.

Used data resources:

  • Meteorological data available from Slovak hydrometeorological institute
  • Open street map

Used technologies:

Additional info:

Parameters description:

  • obs_stn ... kod stanice {code of station}
  • cccc ... 4-znakovy kod stanice (ICAO) {4letter ICAO code of station}
  • name ... nazov stanice {name of station}
  • lat ... poloha stanice {lat of station}
  • lon ... poloha stanice {lon of station}
  • elev ... nadmorska vyska terenu stanice {elevation of station}
  • date ... cas pozorovania v UTC {time of measurement}
  • ta_2m ... teplota vzduchu v 2m v [°C] {air temperature in 2m height in [°C]}
  • pa ... stanicny tlak v [hPa] {pressure}
  • rh ... relativna vlhkost v [%] {relative humidity}
  • pr_1h ... uhrn zrazok za 1 hodinu k terminu pozorovania v [mm] {1 hour precipitaion for the time of measurement}
  • ws_avg ... rychlost vetra [m/s] {wind speed}
  • wd_avg ... smer vetra [°] {wind direction}
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