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Copernicus by newbies

authors: Csaba Sidor, Tomas Kliment


The partial aims of the attempt were:

  1. Find a faster way to download data covering annual waste production and managment at SK NUTS3 and SK LAU1.
  2. Based on the combination of Aim 1's outcomes and INSPIRE dataset (SK Protected sites) find a way to identify if district with higher percentage of their are covered with protected sites have lower waste produciton.
  3. Based on copernicus datasets (eg. Carbon dioxide data from 2002 to present derived from satellite sensors, CAMS Regional Air Quality etc.) identify if waste production has impact on variables (eg. air polution, CO2, Methane etc.).

Motivation and Target user groups

The main aim was to use the partial aims' outcomes (listed below) for:

  1. Communication with citizens about the impacts of waste production on their living conditions.
  2. Creating an easier access to the listed data for non-programers, but still relevant stakeholders: a. local public administrators, b. academia and environmental researchers.


  • Video:
  • SPOILER ALERT1: Since it was the first time that one of the authors(C) met with NetCDF, copernicus data has been postponed till proper self-tutoring.
  • SPOILER ALERT2: ST_UNION on the INSPIRE SK protected_sites has not yet finnished
  1. For using: a. edit or drop result to csv b. chose type of waste category by calling the function (lines xxxx - xxxx)