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@danvick danvick released this Apr 24, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

  • Complete rewrite of the package - stateful field widgets
    • FormBuilderCheckbox - Single Checkbox field
    • FormBuilderCheckboxList - List of Checkboxes for multiple selection
    • FormBuilderChipsInput - Takes a list of Flutter Chip as inputs
    • FormBuilderDateTimePicker - For Date, Time and DateTime input
    • FormBuilderDropdown - Allow selection of one value from a list as a Dropdown
    • FormBuilderRadio - Allow selection of one value from a list of Radio Widgets
    • FormBuilderRate - For selection of a numerical value as a rating
    • FormBuilderSegmentedControl - For selection of a value from the CupertinoSegmentedControl as an input
    • FormBuilderSignaturePad - Presents a drawing pad on which user can doodle
    • FormBuilderSlider - For selection of a numerical value on a slider
    • FormBuilderStepper - Selection of a number by tapping on a plus or minus symbol
    • FormBuilderSwitch - On/Off switch
    • FormBuilderTextField - For text input. Allows input of single-line text, multi-line text, password,
      email, urls etc by using different configurations and validators
    • FormBuilderTypeAhead - Auto-completes user input from a list of items
  • New FormBuilderCustomField to create of custom FormFields
  • New attribute validators allows composability and reusability of different FormFieldValidator
    functions that do different validations
  • New Feature FormBuilderValidators comes with common validation functionality options such as:
    required, min, max, minLength, maxLength, email, url, credit card etc.
  • Added valueTransformer - transforms field value before saving to the final form value
  • Added requested onChanged value notifier event on fields. Closes #45
  • Prevent duplicate attribute names in fields - assertion
  • Breaking changes:
    • FormBuilderInputOption becomes FormBuilderFieldOption
    • BuildContext is not passed down into FormBuilder
  • Fixed URL validator works correctly - tested
  • Improved documentation
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