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WYMeditor: what you see is What You Mean web-based editor (for Ruby on Rails)

Not much to say so far - I was tired of adding wymeditor manually.

This gem simply installs wymeditor plus convenience helpers for Rails 3.


Add 'wymeditor' to your Gemfile and run 'rails g wymeditor:install'

This will copy wymeditors javascript files to public/javascript/ and add a wymeditor_helper.rb to app/helpers/ that you can use for conveniently initializing it.

Add <%=raw wymeditor_initialize %> to your layouts <head> section.

Add the 'wymeditor' class to all textareas that you want wymeditor to handle. The 'wymupdate' class is added to all submit inputs automatically.

And you're done.


You'll need jquery ( This gem will not attempt to install jquery for you.

Your application needs to be Rails 3+


WYMeditor stable updates are infrequent and it is unlikely that you need to update it. If you must, simply overwrite your public/javascripts/wymeditor.

I'll package this gem with every stable version being released, carrying the same version as its WYMeditor.

If you upgrade the gem, re-run 'rails g wymeditor:install'


wymeditor gem © 2010 Marian Rudzynski. Licensed as whatever wymeditor is licensed.

WYMeditor © 2005 - 2009 Jean-Francois Hovinne, Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-license.txt) and GPL (GPL-license.txt) licenses.

Partially based on (which is what you could use if you're still using Rails 2.x)