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@@ -7,18 +7,16 @@ The dygraphs JavaScript library produces interactive, zoomable charts of time se
Learn more about it at [](
-Get help with dygraphs on
-[Stack Overflow]( (preferred) and
-[Google Groups](
+Get help with dygraphs by browsing the on [Stack Overflow][] (preferred) and [Google Groups][].
## Features
* Plots time series without using an external server or Flash
-* Supports [error bands]( around data series
-* Interactive [pan and zoom](
-* Displays values [on mouseover](
-* Adjustable [averaging period](
-* Extensive set of [options]( for customization.
-* Compatible with the [Google Visualization API](
+* Supports [error bands][] around data series
+* Interactive [pan and zoom][]
+* Displays values [on mouseover][]
+* Adjustable [averaging period][]
+* Extensive set of [options][] for customization.
+* Compatible with the [Google Visualization API][gviz]
## Minimal Example
@@ -43,9 +41,27 @@ Get help with dygraphs on
-Learn more by reading [the tutorial]( and
-seeing demonstrations of what dygraphs can do in the
+Learn more by reading [the tutorial][] and seeing demonstrations of what
+dygraphs can do in the [gallery][]. You can get `dygraph.js` and `dygraph.css`
+from [cdnjs][] or [from NPM][npm] (see below).
+## Usage with a module loader
+Get dygraphs from NPM:
+ npm install dygraphs
+You'll find pre-built JS & CSS files in `node_modules/dygraphs/dist`. If you're
+using a module bundler like browserify or webpack, you can import dygraphs:
+import Dygraph from 'dygraphs';
+// or: const Dygraph = require('dygraphs');
+const g = new Dygraph('graphdiv', data, { /* options */ });
+Check out the [dygraphs-es6 repo][] for a fully-worked example.
## Development
@@ -60,3 +76,17 @@ Read more about the dygraphs development process in the [developer guide](/DEVEL
## License(s)
dygraphs is available under the MIT license, included in LICENSE.txt.
+[the tutorial]:
+[error bands]:
+[pan and zoom]:
+[on mouseover]:
+[averaging period]:
+[Stack Overflow]:
+[Google Groups]:
+[dygraphs-es6 repo]:

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