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##Introduction Like it or hate it, there's not a lot of tool to measure your impact on social networks. Klout is one of those, check it on The Klout APIs are pretty simple be a C# implementation will ease your work. I created a portable library so it should be usable for .NET 4.5, Window, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It relies on Json.NET and Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries

##How to use it? First, get a Klout API key Then, add the KloutSharp NuGet package to your project
The entry point is the Klout object so create a Klout object

var k = new Klout(key);

Then you might need to get the Klout identifier of your user. You can use any Klout.Identity*Async method depending on the information your currently have (Twitter Id, Google+ Id, etc.).

var identity = await k.IdentityAsync("danvy");
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Your Klout Id is {0}", identity.Id));

Once you have the Klout Id, you can keep it forever. Now you can call the other APIs such as UserAsync to get user informations

var user = await k.UserAsync(kloutId);
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Klout user nick={0} score={1}", user.Nick, user.Score.Score));

A sample app with full source code is provided.

##What's new? 1.0.3 Supports Windows Universal Platform

1.0 Initial release. Supports all Klout API available on on 2015-02-01


Q: What are the validated platforms?

Console app on Windows 8.1 by @danvy on 2015-02-01

If you have any problem with the scripts, use GitHub or contact me on Twitter