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erlang libary for xml parsing
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Package Information

This is a repackaged version of Willem de Jong's erlsom version 1.2.1.


erlsom is an erlang libary for XML parsing. It supports various modes of operation: as an efficient SAX parser, as a simple DOM-like parser, or as a 'data mapper'. The data mapper transforms the XML document to erlang records, based on an XML schema.

Changes from 1.2.1 to

  • replaced old complex make system with a very simple one
  • ran dos2unix on all files
  • created file in ebin (verified modules with rebar)
  • removed include directory
  • replaced obsolete guard functions
  • examples: removed beam files
  • examples: removed erlsom.hrl files and fixed soap_example.erl to reflect this

Changes from

  • replaced old simple make system with rebar
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