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Perspectives Firefox Extension

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Perspectives - Connect securely to https websites by checking certificates with network notaries.

This directory includes the code for the Perspectives Firefox and Seamonkey clients.

For more information see:


You can contact the developers on the Perspectives Dev newsgroup:


- a POSIX command line environment
- make
- zip

Optional (but strongly recommended!):
- perl (to run the build tests)

To build, just type "make" (assuming of course you have make installed!). This will create a file called 'Perspectives.xpi'.  

You can run Perspectives in Firefox using File -> Open and browsing to the Perspectives.xpi file.

To debug the extension:

* Edit the d_print_flags in plugin/chrome/content/common.js
* Rebuild using make
* Reload the extension and restart your browser
* Use the Firefox extension 'Firebug' to view what's happening as Perspectives runs

Feel free to try Venkman or other debug methods (cf. )


To test Perspectives:

- Use 'make test' to build and install the Perspectives extension, as above
- Open chrome://perspectives/content/test/test.html in your browser
- Press the 'Run Tests' button

Test results will be displayed on the page.

Some tests are performed at build time - e.g. checking the localization files for the correct format and contents. All tests of the javascript code are run inside the extension - for security reasons they must be installed along with other extension files.

If you have ideas for further tests please let us know!

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