Hot Date for Movable Type gives you a simple, intuitive way to select an entry's publishing date.
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Hot Date for Melody and Movable Type

Do you schedule entries, or otherwise modify the Entry Date field? Do you sometimes forget a leading zero, for example, to create a valid, two-digit hour field? Hot Date is just what you need: drop-down time selectors in 12-hour format along with a few other features that make setting the date a breeze!

  • Schedule according to the 12-hour clock with am/pm selectors you’re familiar with, rather than 24-hour time.
  • Disable the “seconds” display because, really, does it matter what second you publish at? (A selectable option.)
  • Work with an abbreviated minute list in five-minute increments. (A selectable option.)
  • Refresh the time to be current with the green arrows button.

Complete documentation can be found at