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Website & Blog Organizer

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the Website and Blog hierarchy.

Movable Type has always had the ability to have multiple blogs in a single install. In fact, those blogs could power different domains just by changing the publishing paths. Movable Type 5 introduced the idea of the "Website," creating a hierarchy for Blogs where a Website can be the parent and Blogs the children. Great for organization!

When upgrading from Movable Type 4 (or older) to 5.x, blogs are grouped by their Root URL and a Website is created as their parent. When upgrading from Movable Type 4 (or older) to 6.x, Blogs are "upgraded" to Website status. Unfortunately, both of these scenarios are typically not the desired end result. To be blunt: they're both wrong under varying circumstances. This plugin simply gives administrators the control needed to create the ideal hierarchy.

A few specific use cases:

  • Post-upgrade organization: MT4 upgrades have almost definitely organized Websites in a less than ideal fashion.
  • Retiring blogs: sometimes a blog is no longer maintained and not even linked to the main site anymore, but the content shouldn't be deleted. The retired blog can be moved to another ("Retired") Website, where it's out of the view of the active Website, uncluttering the list of active Blogs.
  • "Promoting" a blog: one specific blog has been growing in popularity and it's time to give it a dedicated domain; it can also be promoted to a Website to reflect the hierarchy change.


  • Movable Type 5.x or 6.x


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:


Go to System Overview > Tools > Website & Blog Organizer to begin moving things around. Be sure to save when done.

Note that Roles and Permissions are not changed when Websites and Blogs move. Also, when you move Websites and Blogs you'll also likely want to update Publishing Paths and republish.


This plugin is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.


Copyright 2014, uiNNOVATIONS LLC. All rights reserved.


This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the Website and Blog hierarchy.






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