Ruby interface to the Zillow API, forked from the project by Leo Chan
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# This api is created by Leo Chan on 10/29/2007.
# There is no license requirement.  Use it or copy any part of the code that you want to use.
# Use it at your own risk.  I am not liable for anything.  Just want to share it and hope it is useful for you
# Rillow is a simple ruby wrapper to zillow webservice api:
# It does the web service call and gets the result back for you.  You don't have to know about the url request formate, url encoding or 
# parsing the result.  The result object is in hash/array format.  So no need to parse xml.
# You will need to register with zillow to get the Zillow Web Service Identifier first.
# Go to for project details or to download the latest release
# Installation:
# gem install rillow
# Example code:
# require 'rubygems'
# require 'rillow'
# rillow ='your-zillow-key')
# result = rillow.get_search_results('2114 Bigelow Ave','Seattle, WA')
# result.to_hash