A jQuery plugin version of the Low Pro behavior framework.
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Low Pro JQ

Author: Dan Webb (dan@danwebb.net)
GIT: github.com:danwrong/low-pro-for-jquery.git
Download: http://github.com/danwrong/low-pro-for-jquery/tree/master/src/lowpro.jquery.js?raw=true

A jQuery port of the Low Pro behavior framework that was originally written for Prototype.

In brief

Create a behavior as a class:

Testy = $.klass({
 initialize: function(arg) {
   alert('ive just been attached with the arg ' + arg);
 onclick: function() {
   alert('ive been clicked');

Btw, $.klass is a full port of Prototype's Class.create so youget that as a bonus and 
can use all the inheritance stuff in the same way.

Next, attach the behavior on DOM ready in the jQuery way:

jQuery(function($) {
 $('p').attach(Testy, 'My arg');

Alternatively, if you just need to attach behaviors and get references to the behavior instances
created then you can use:

$('a').attachAndReturn(Clicky, 45) //=> Array of behavior instances

Aside from this everything works the same as Low Pro for Prototype.
See http://www.danwebb.net/lowpro for details.

Livequery support

If the livequery plugin is found then Low Pro will use it to automatically bind behaviors to
newly created content so if, taking the above example, you did something like:

$(document.body).append('<p>A new para</p>')

Then it too would get a behavior binded to it.


The $.klass code is a direct port of the Class.create code from Prototype (http://prototypejs.org).