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Low Pro is a library designed to aid unobtrusive scripting with both Prototype and jQuery.

Low Pro for Prototype: http://github.com/danwrong/low-pro/tree/master

Low Pro for jQuery: http://github.com/danwrong/low-pro-for-jquery/tree/master

Mailing list

Low Pro has a low traffic but active mailing list.

Useful links

The introductory article some parts are out of date but good to get a feel for the intentions behind it.

Behaviors introductory article.

Jarkko Laine’s Series of articles Probably the best resource out there for using Low Pro with Rails. Very detailed and essential reading.

Peepcode Unobtrusive JavaScript PDF more goodness from Jarkko.

Peepcode Prototype screencast general introduction to prototype but it’s got lots of Low Pro info too. Great place to start.

Low pro for jQuery

Intro to Low Pro for jQuery
Using Low Pro for jQuery nice solid examples in this article. Good read.


If you want to help flesh out this wiki in any way then please feel free. If you have written any behaviours please link them on the Behaviors page. And of course, fork away! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m comfortable with what features Low Pro has but I’m totally open to new ideas.