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Correct README to specify 'delete' instead of 'del' for 'method' option. #85

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'del' did not work for me. 'delete' did. Perhaps it would be good to support 'del' as an alias.

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@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ All of these attempt to turn the response into a JavaScript object. In order to
### Options
-* `method` Request method, can be get, post, put, del. Defaults to `"get"`.
+* `method` Request method, can be get, post, put, delete. Defaults to `"get"`.
* `query` Query string variables as a javascript object, will override the querystring in the URL. Defaults to empty.
* `data` The data to be added to the body of the request. Can be a string or any object.
Note that if you want your request body to be JSON with the `Content-Type: application/json`, you need to
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