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MeetEasier is a web application that visualizes meeting room availability. It works using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with Exchange room lists in Office 365.
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Because why pay money for something you can do yourself?


MeetEasier is a web application that visualizes meeting room availability. It works using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with Exchange room lists in Office 365.

Mockup 1


MeetEasier is licensed under the open source GNU General Public License (GPL 3.0).

In the event of wanting to commercially distribute a closed source modification of this code, please contact me.


  • v0.3.4
    • #34 - bug fix for 'Next up:' displaying incorrectly
  • v0.3.3
    • #18 - use localized sort for rooms
  • v0.3.2
    • Added additional error handling for incorrect credentials. The error will now be shown on the front end.
    • Updated the socket component to stop most ERR_CONNECTION_REFSUED errors from happening.
  • v0.3.1
    • Removed skipped rooms/room blacklist filtering from front end and added to back end.
  • v0.3
    • Cleaned up unnecessarily nested component folder structure
    • #8 - add script-shortcuts to package.json in root
    • #9 - support environment-variables for authentication and port configuration
    • #10 - create shrinkwraps for npm-dependencies
    • #11 - add .editorconfig
    • #12 - pass error (while fetching appointments), to frontend
    • #13 - set engine-requirements
    • #14 - add heartbeat-endpoint, to check if server is alive (for monitoring)
    • #15 - add '.nvmrc'
  • v0.2
    • Changed domain to accept more than just ".com" extension
    • Changed ui-react/config/flightboard.config.js to handle all text so that the application can be multilingual
    • Added ui-react/config/singleRoom.config.js to do the same for the single-room component
    • Added console.log to server.js to know when the server is running correctly
    • Updated styles slightly
  • v0.1
    • Initial release


This application assumes you have:

  • Exchange Online (Office 365)
  • Conference room mailboxes organized in room lists
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) enabled
  • A service account with access to all conference room mailboxes and EWS
  • A web server with Node.js installed to run the application

Please Note: This application uses Basic Authentication which, by its very nature, is insecure. I would strongly suggest using SSL where ever you decide to run this.


  1. Optional: Install IISNode
    • I've also included a web.config file for an IIS install
  2. In root directory, open a terminal or cmd:
    $ npm install
  3. In the root directory, open a terminal or cmd:
    $ npm run build
  4. In the root directory, open a terminal or cmd:
    $ npm start
  5. If you want to start the react development server, in the root directory run:
    $ npm start-ui-dev

Root Folder Structure Explained

  • app/ : Routes for EWS APIs
  • app/ews/ : All EWS functionality
  • confg/ : All server side configuration settings
  • scss/ : All styles
  • static/ : All global static files
  • ui-react/ : Front end React routes and components

React /src Folder Structure Explained

There are three main directories in the ui-react/src/ folder:

  • components/ : Components separated in folders by function
  • config/ : Customizable config file (see defails below in Customization section)
  • layouts/ : Layout components for the two different layouts used.


  • flightboard/ : All components related to the flightboard or "all meeting" layout
  • global : Components that will be used by both layouts
  • single-room : All components related to the Single Room layout


  • Board : Actual flightboard component itself
  • Clock : Clock component for the upper right hand of the display
  • Navbar : Top navigation/title bar piece
  • RoomFilter : Room list filter in the navbar


  • NotFound : A "not found" page if an error or "404" occurs
  • Socket : A service component to run the web socket connection for updating the flightboard and single room display


  • Clock : Clock component for the upper right hand of the display
  • Display : All other features of the single room display


  • flightboard.config.js : Simple customization config explained in the Customization section


  • flightboard/ : Layout for flightboard display
  • single-room/ : Layout for single room display



  • In /config/auth.js, enter your credentials and domain:

    module.exports = {
      // this user MUST have full access to all the room accounts
      'exchange' : {
        'username'  : 'SVCACCT_EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM',
        'password'  : 'PASSWORD',
        'uri'       : ''
      'domain' : 'DOMAIN'
  • Alternatively, username, password and domain can be set as environment variable

    export PASSWORD=password
  • In /config/room-blacklist.js, add any room by email to exclude it from the list of rooms:

      module.exports = {
        'roomEmails' : [
  • In /ui-react/src/config/flightboard.config.js, manage your customizations:

    module.exports = {
      'board' : {
        'nextUp' : 'Next Up',
        'statusAvailable' : 'Open',
        'statusBusy' : 'Busy',
        'statusError' : 'Error'
      'navbar' : {
        'title' : 'Conference Room Availability',
      'roomFilter' : {
        'filterTitle' : 'Locations',
        'filterAllTitle' : 'All Conference Rooms',
  • Upload your logo to /static/img/logo.png


  • All EWS functionality is located in app/ews.
  • To change the interval in which the web socket emits, edit the interval time in app/socket-controller.js. By default, it is set to 1 minute.
  • To update styles, make sure you install grunt first with npm install -g grunt-cli. Then run grunt in the root directory to watch for SCSS changes. Use the .scss files located in the /scss folder.
    • All React components can be locally styled by adding a new .css file and importing it into the component itself if you'd prefer to do it that way.
  • In app/ews/rooms.js, there is a block of code that may not be necessary but were added as a convenience. Feel free to use it, comment it out, or remove it completely. It was designed for a use case where the email addresses (ex: do not match the corporate domain (ex: jsmith-enterprise).
    // if the email domain != your corporate domain,
    // replace email domain with domain from auth config
    var email = roomItem.Address;
    email = email.substring(0, email.indexOf('@'));
    email = email + '@' + auth.domain + '.com';

Flightboard Layout Mockup

Mockup 3

Single Room Layout Mockup

Mockup 2

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