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Passion Project: F1 ESports League Manager
Course: HTTP 5204 Mobile Application Developement
Web Development Graduate Certificate
Humber College

Application Description:
This is first version of my MVC Project in which I am developing a League Manager app for online simulation racing games. Currently, I have focused on F1 game only with a plan to scale it for all kinds of racing games on all platforms. The app manages the driver data, team data and schedule details. It shows needed info about the drivers with a relationship to team and race won. The team info shows basic info and drivers alloted to that team. The schedule shows races with circuit, date and winner.

The application has CRUD functionality for each segment i.e. Drivers, Teams and Schedule.

Extra features:
A simple and easy to follow UI with appropriate color theme to make it easy to use. Dropdown in create function to choose team or drivers.

Future Implications:
As this is just the first working version of the project, there is lot to add to it. My future plans are:

Adding more data tables and create relationship to show useful linked information that includes not limited to Race Results, Race Records, League Points Table for both Drivers and Teams, seperating the driver status table.

Incorporating color picker in team info and date picker in schedule as well as all future tables.

Auto updating ponts table on the basis of race results

Cosmetic improvements such as adding logo, circuit images etc.

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