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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Really simple python app for playing with sending SMS messages
# via SMSified -
# Created by Dan York - May 2011
import json
import urllib
senderid = "dandemo" #SMSified account
password = "notmyrealpassword" #SMSified password
sendernum = "5853260800" #SMSified phone number
apiurl = "https://"+senderid+":"+password+""+sendernum+"/requests"
address = "14079678424" # Phone num to which you want to send msg
message = "Hello there" # Whatever msg you want to send
data = urllib.urlencode((('address',address),('message',message)))
print apiurl+"?"+data
f = urllib.urlopen(apiurl,data)
print json.loads(['resourceReference']['resourceURL']