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vizterm <cmd> starts a web server at http://localhost:8080/. When that page is loaded, it runs the given command and shows the output in the browser.

The vizprint python library provides a custom print() function that makes images and plots displayable in vizterm:

from vizprint import print

To show a PIL image, just print it:

im ='image.jpg')

To show a pyplot, print the pyplot object or figure. You don't need to call


See the example:

$ vizterm ./

To re-run the command, you don't need to exit vizterm. Just reload the page.

Interactive programs

For use with interactive commands or debuggers, vizterm can work over a socket rather than stdout. First start the server using netcat to listen on a port:

$ vizterm nc -kl localhost 9999

Then in python, call vizport() to open a connection. Future output will be sent to that port instead of stdout.

from vizprint import print, vizport

You'll need to load the webpage first to start netcat. Then, run your code normally.


vizterm requires python3. It works with Pillow/PIL, matplotlib, and any IPython-integrated libraries that implement _repr_html_.

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