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📦 A command line tool for finding duplicate files - WIP!
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dupes - WIP

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A command line tool for finding duplicate files

dupes helps you find duplicate files.

This is a work in progress.


$ npm install -g dupes


dupes [directory] will search that directory for duplicate files and write a dupes.json results file.

Ommiting the [directory] will run the commands on the current directory.

dupes-read [filePath] will open that directory's .json file and output its results.

Ommiting the [filePath] will open 'dupes.json' in the current directory.

See dupes -h and dupes-read -h for more options.

How does it work?

dupes works by running a list of differentiation methods - each one seperates the current pools of files into smaller pools. Pools of size 1 are then ommited. The current differentiation methods are:

  • File size - Very fast, filters out a lot of files, but obviously still leaves different files together.
  • MD5 of the whole file - Slower but definite.

Each method has a different trade-off of speed and accuracy. By starting with the cheapest methods, we make sure that more expensive ones will be executed on a smaller amount of files. By finishing with a whole-file-checksum, we guarantee that files deemed identical are indeed so.


  • Allow rewriting of dupes.json files if they are signed
  • Implement an option to run only on files from old result
  • Implement better ways to read results (largest files, largest groups)
  • Add option to limit files checked to certain sizes.
  • Add option to include or exclude files/folders by name/regex, and set default excludes.
  • Turn this list into github issues.
  • Find duplicate folders.
  • Check if separateFilesByHeadMD5 (commented out) will work better with bigger file size limitations.
  • Try searching for a hash function faster than md5.
  • Write dupes-gui, a web gui to write and read dupes results in the browser with express.
  • Change array style to comma-before.
  • ...
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