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Google Analytics Domain Hash Calculator (UTMA)

Calculates Google Analytics Domain Hash given domain name and provides simple GUI for ease of use.

When analyzing Google Analytics cookies, you will see an Urchin Tracking Module A (UTMA) value (utma=) in the URL. The part for comparison is only the number before the first dot ("."). For instance, in "utma=173272373.nnnnn...", the domain hash is 173272373 ("", where n is any arbitrary number). Please enter the domain (without the protocol, e.g., "http://") and the domain hash will be calculated.

Simple GUI interface:


Download Compiled Assembly (EXE)

Note you will need the .NET 4.5 runtime.

I also wrote a C++ Gist of the hash function and a C++ CLI for Linux — see gadhash repo..

For more information see


gadhash is a C++ command-line interface that accepts a list of domains (in file(s) or from stdin) and outputs a delimited file containing the hashes.