Code examples from my RSpec for Ops blog post.
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RSpec for Ops Examples

This repo contains some example specs reference in my RSpec for Ops blog post.

Running the RSpec-only Examples

To run these tests you'll need ruby and bundler installed. You should install the dependencies by running bundle install inside the root of this repository. After you've installed the dependencies you can run the tests by running the blog_examples Rake task with bundle exec rake blog_examples.

git clone
cd rspec_for_ops
bundle install
bundle exec rake blog_examples

The bundle exec rake blog\_examples command will run all tests in the spec/blog\_examples directory of this repository. If you'd like to run a specific test, you can use the bundle exec rspec command with the path to the test you'd like to run as an argument:

bundle exec rspec spec/blog_examples/hash_spec.rb     # run the examples in spec/blog_examples/hash_spec.rb