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Dao Programming Language

Dao is a lightweight and optionally typed programming language
with many interesting features. It includes features that can
make concurrent programming much simpler. It has well designed
interfaces for easy embedding and extending.

The virtual machine and standard modules and tools of Dao are
released under the Simplified BSD License.

How to Build?

The recommended way to compile Dao is to run the following from
the shell:

$ make -f Makefile.daomake PLATFORM

where PLATFORM can be one of the followings:

* linux
* macosx
* freebsd
* openbsd
* mingw
* minix
* haiku

Then run the following to install:

$ make install

How to Customize Building?

Build mode (release, debug or profile) and installation directory
can be set by:

$ make -f Makefile.daomake PLATFORM MODE=debug INSTALL=directory

Out of source building can be done by executing the following
from the build directory:

$ make -f DAO-DIR/Makefile.daomake PLATFORM SRCDIR=DAO-DIR

Please read Makefile.daomake for more options such as making
static build etc.

How to Contribute?

Contributions to the development of Dao are highly welcome. However,
if you wish to contribute something to the official code base and/or
documentations etc., you must agree to transfer the copyright of
your contributions in whatever form to the copyright holder of the
Dao programming language to avoid potential copyright issues. Your
contribution will be properly credited.

Of course, you can also contribute by testing and reporting bugs,
developing modules, creating packages for popular Linux distributions,
building and release binaries for some platforms, or even just spreading
words for Dao:). All contributions in any form are highly appreciated!