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[{"pk": 1, "model": "agendas.agendavote", "fields": {"vote": 1677, "score": -0.29999999999999999, "reasoning": "\u05e1\u05ea\u05dd \u05db\u05d9 \u05de\u05ea\u05d7\u05e9\u05e7", "agenda": 1}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "agendas.agendavote", "fields": {"vote": 1662, "score": 0.5, "reasoning": "\u05db\u05d9 \u05d0\u05d9\u05df \u05de\u05e1\u05e4\u05d9\u05e7 \u05e1\u05d3\u05e8", "agenda": 2}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "agendas.agenda", "fields": {"editors": [2], "name": "\u05dc\u05db\u05ea\u05d5\u05d1 \u05e2\u05d5\u05d3 \u05d0\u05e4\u05dc\u05d9\u05e7\u05e6\u05d9\u05d4 \u05dc\u05db\u05e0\u05e1\u05ea \u05e4\u05ea\u05d5\u05d7\u05d4", "description": ""}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "agendas.agenda", "fields": {"editors": [3], "name": "\u05dc\u05d4\u05e9\u05ea\u05dc\u05d8 \u05d0\u05ea \u05d4\u05e2\u05d5\u05dc\u05dd", "description": "\u05ea\u05d5\u05da 40 \u05d9\u05d5\u05dd"}}, {"pk": 122, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_emailvalidation", "name": "Can add email validation", "content_type": 41}}, {"pk": 123, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_emailvalidation", "name": "Can change email validation", "content_type": 41}}, {"pk": 124, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_emailvalidation", "name": "Can delete email validation", "content_type": 41}}, {"pk": 71, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_action", "name": "Can add action", "content_type": 24}}, {"pk": 72, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_action", "name": "Can change action", "content_type": 24}}, {"pk": 73, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_action", "name": "Can delete action", "content_type": 24}}, {"pk": 68, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_follow", "name": "Can add follow", "content_type": 23}}, {"pk": 69, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_follow", "name": "Can change follow", "content_type": 23}}, {"pk": 70, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_follow", "name": "Can delete follow", "content_type": 23}}, {"pk": 22, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_logentry", "name": "Can add log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 23, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_logentry", "name": "Can change log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 24, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_logentry", "name": "Can delete log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 137, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_agenda", "name": "Can add Agenda", "content_type": 46}}, {"pk": 138, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_agenda", "name": "Can change Agenda", "content_type": 46}}, {"pk": 139, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_agenda", "name": "Can delete Agenda", "content_type": 46}}, {"pk": 134, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_agendavote", "name": "Can add agenda vote", "content_type": 45}}, {"pk": 135, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_agendavote", "name": "Can change agenda vote", "content_type": 45}}, {"pk": 136, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_agendavote", "name": "Can delete agenda vote", "content_type": 45}}, {"pk": 4, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_group", "name": "Can add group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 5, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_group", "name": "Can change group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 6, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_group", "name": "Can delete group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 10, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_message", "name": "Can add message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 11, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_message", "name": "Can change message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 12, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_message", "name": "Can delete message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_permission", "name": "Can add permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_permission", "name": "Can change permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_permission", "name": "Can delete permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 7, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_user", "name": "Can add user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 8, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_user", "name": "Can change user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 9, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_user", "name": "Can delete user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 25, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_comment", "name": "Can add comment", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 28, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "can_moderate", "name": "Can moderate comments", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 26, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_comment", "name": "Can change comment", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 27, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_comment", "name": "Can delete comment", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 29, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_commentflag", "name": "Can add comment flag", "content_type": 10}}, {"pk": 30, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_commentflag", "name": "Can change comment flag", "content_type": 10}}, {"pk": 31, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_commentflag", "name": "Can delete comment flag", "content_type": 10}}, {"pk": 113, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_committee", "name": "Can add committee", "content_type": 38}}, {"pk": 114, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_committee", "name": "Can change committee", "content_type": 38}}, {"pk": 115, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_committee", "name": "Can delete committee", "content_type": 38}}, {"pk": 116, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_committeemeeting", "name": "Can add committee meeting", "content_type": 39}}, {"pk": 117, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_committeemeeting", "name": "Can change committee meeting", "content_type": 39}}, {"pk": 118, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_committeemeeting", "name": "Can delete committee meeting", "content_type": 39}}, {"pk": 13, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_contenttype", "name": "Can add content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 14, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_contenttype", "name": "Can change content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 15, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_contenttype", "name": "Can delete content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 110, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_bill", "name": "Can add Bill", "content_type": 37}}, {"pk": 111, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_bill", "name": "Can change Bill", "content_type": 37}}, {"pk": 112, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_bill", "name": "Can delete Bill", "content_type": 37}}, {"pk": 107, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_knessetproposal", "name": "Can add knesset proposal", "content_type": 36}}, {"pk": 108, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_knessetproposal", "name": "Can change knesset proposal", "content_type": 36}}, {"pk": 109, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_knessetproposal", "name": "Can delete knesset proposal", "content_type": 36}}, {"pk": 101, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_law", "name": "Can add law", "content_type": 34}}, {"pk": 102, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_law", "name": "Can change law", "content_type": 34}}, {"pk": 103, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_law", "name": "Can delete law", "content_type": 34}}, {"pk": 92, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_membervotingstatistics", "name": "Can add member voting statistics", "content_type": 31}}, {"pk": 93, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_membervotingstatistics", "name": "Can change member voting statistics", "content_type": 31}}, {"pk": 94, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_membervotingstatistics", "name": "Can delete member voting statistics", "content_type": 31}}, {"pk": 89, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_partyvotingstatistics", "name": "Can add party voting statistics", "content_type": 30}}, {"pk": 90, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_partyvotingstatistics", "name": "Can change party voting statistics", "content_type": 30}}, {"pk": 91, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_partyvotingstatistics", "name": "Can delete party voting statistics", "content_type": 30}}, {"pk": 104, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_privateproposal", "name": "Can add private proposal", "content_type": 35}}, {"pk": 105, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_privateproposal", "name": "Can change private proposal", "content_type": 35}}, {"pk": 106, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_privateproposal", "name": "Can delete private proposal", "content_type": 35}}, {"pk": 98, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_vote", "name": "Can add Vote", "content_type": 33}}, {"pk": 99, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_vote", "name": "Can change Vote", "content_type": 33}}, {"pk": 100, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_vote", "name": "Can delete Vote", "content_type": 33}}, {"pk": 95, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_voteaction", "name": "Can add vote action", "content_type": 32}}, {"pk": 96, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_voteaction", "name": "Can change vote action", "content_type": 32}}, {"pk": 97, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_voteaction", "name": "Can delete vote action", "content_type": 32}}, {"pk": 128, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_link", "name": "Can add link", "content_type": 43}}, {"pk": 129, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_link", "name": "Can change link", "content_type": 43}}, {"pk": 130, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_link", "name": "Can delete link", "content_type": 43}}, {"pk": 125, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_linktype", "name": "Can add link type", "content_type": 42}}, {"pk": 126, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_linktype", "name": "Can change link type", "content_type": 42}}, {"pk": 127, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_linktype", "name": "Can delete link type", "content_type": 42}}, {"pk": 74, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_correlation", "name": "Can add correlation", "content_type": 25}}, {"pk": 75, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_correlation", "name": "Can change correlation", "content_type": 25}}, {"pk": 76, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_correlation", "name": "Can delete correlation", "content_type": 25}}, {"pk": 83, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_member", "name": "Can add Member", "content_type": 28}}, {"pk": 84, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_member", "name": "Can change Member", "content_type": 28}}, {"pk": 85, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_member", "name": "Can delete Member", "content_type": 28}}, {"pk": 80, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_membership", "name": "Can add membership", "content_type": 27}}, {"pk": 81, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_membership", "name": "Can change membership", "content_type": 27}}, {"pk": 82, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_membership", "name": "Can delete membership", "content_type": 27}}, {"pk": 77, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_party", "name": "Can add Party", "content_type": 26}}, {"pk": 78, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_party", "name": "Can change Party", "content_type": 26}}, {"pk": 79, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_party", "name": "Can delete Party", "content_type": 26}}, {"pk": 86, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_weeklypresence", "name": "Can add weekly presence", "content_type": 29}}, {"pk": 87, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_weeklypresence", "name": "Can change weekly presence", "content_type": 29}}, {"pk": 88, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_weeklypresence", "name": "Can delete weekly presence", "content_type": 29}}, {"pk": 146, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_consumer", "name": "Can add consumer", "content_type": 49}}, {"pk": 147, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_consumer", "name": "Can change consumer", "content_type": 49}}, {"pk": 148, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_consumer", "name": "Can delete consumer", "content_type": 49}}, {"pk": 140, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_nonce", "name": "Can add nonce", "content_type": 47}}, {"pk": 141, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_nonce", "name": "Can change nonce", "content_type": 47}}, {"pk": 142, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_nonce", "name": "Can delete nonce", "content_type": 47}}, {"pk": 143, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_resource", "name": "Can add resource", "content_type": 48}}, {"pk": 144, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_resource", "name": "Can change resource", "content_type": 48}}, {"pk": 145, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_resource", "name": "Can delete resource", "content_type": 48}}, {"pk": 149, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_token", "name": "Can add token", "content_type": 50}}, {"pk": 150, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_token", "name": "Can change token", "content_type": 50}}, {"pk": 151, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_token", "name": "Can delete token", "content_type": 50}}, {"pk": 56, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_author", "name": "Can add Author", "content_type": 19}}, {"pk": 57, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_author", "name": "Can change Author", "content_type": 19}}, {"pk": 58, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_author", "name": "Can delete Author", "content_type": 19}}, {"pk": 41, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_blog", "name": "Can add Blog", "content_type": 14}}, {"pk": 42, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_blog", "name": "Can change Blog", "content_type": 14}}, {"pk": 43, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_blog", "name": "Can delete Blog", "content_type": 14}}, {"pk": 65, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_enclosure", "name": "Can add Post Enclosure", "content_type": 22}}, {"pk": 66, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_enclosure", "name": "Can change Post Enclosure", "content_type": 22}}, {"pk": 67, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_enclosure", "name": "Can delete Post Enclosure", "content_type": 22}}, {"pk": 47, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_feed", "name": "Can add Feed", "content_type": 16}}, {"pk": 48, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_feed", "name": "Can change Feed", "content_type": 16}}, {"pk": 49, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_feed", "name": "Can delete Feed", "content_type": 16}}, {"pk": 59, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_feedlink", "name": "Can add Feed Link", "content_type": 20}}, {"pk": 60, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_feedlink", "name": "Can change Feed Link", "content_type": 20}}, {"pk": 61, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_feedlink", "name": "Can delete Feed Link", "content_type": 20}}, {"pk": 44, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_generator", "name": "Can add Generator", "content_type": 15}}, {"pk": 45, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_generator", "name": "Can change Generator", "content_type": 15}}, {"pk": 46, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_generator", "name": "Can delete Generator", "content_type": 15}}, {"pk": 53, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_post", "name": "Can add Post", "content_type": 18}}, {"pk": 54, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_post", "name": "Can change Post", "content_type": 18}}, {"pk": 55, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_post", "name": "Can delete Post", "content_type": 18}}, {"pk": 50, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_postauthordata", "name": "Can add Post Author Data", "content_type": 17}}, {"pk": 51, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_postauthordata", "name": "Can change Post Author Data", "content_type": 17}}, {"pk": 52, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_postauthordata", "name": "Can delete Post Author Data", "content_type": 17}}, {"pk": 62, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_postlink", "name": "Can add Post Link", "content_type": 21}}, {"pk": 63, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_postlink", "name": "Can change Post Link", "content_type": 21}}, {"pk": 64, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_postlink", "name": "Can delete Post Link", "content_type": 21}}, {"pk": 16, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_session", "name": "Can add session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 17, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_session", "name": "Can change session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 18, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_session", "name": "Can delete session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 19, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_site", "name": "Can add site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 20, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_site", "name": "Can change site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 21, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_site", "name": "Can delete site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 38, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_migrationhistory", "name": "Can add migration history", "content_type": 13}}, {"pk": 39, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_migrationhistory", "name": "Can change migration history", "content_type": 13}}, {"pk": 40, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_migrationhistory", "name": "Can delete migration history", "content_type": 13}}, {"pk": 32, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_tag", "name": "Can add tag", "content_type": 11}}, {"pk": 33, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_tag", "name": "Can change tag", "content_type": 11}}, {"pk": 34, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_tag", "name": "Can delete tag", "content_type": 11}}, {"pk": 35, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_taggeditem", "name": "Can add tagged item", "content_type": 12}}, {"pk": 36, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_taggeditem", "name": "Can change tagged item", "content_type": 12}}, {"pk": 37, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_taggeditem", "name": "Can delete tagged item", "content_type": 12}}, {"pk": 119, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_tagvote", "name": "Can add tag vote", "content_type": 40}}, {"pk": 120, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_tagvote", "name": "Can change tag vote", "content_type": 40}}, {"pk": 121, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_tagvote", "name": "Can delete tag vote", "content_type": 40}}, {"pk": 131, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_userprofile", "name": "Can add user profile", "content_type": 44}}, {"pk": 132, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_userprofile", "name": "Can change user profile", "content_type": 44}}, {"pk": 133, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_userprofile", "name": "Can delete user profile", "content_type": 44}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "dev", "first_name": "", "last_name": "", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2010-08-20 17:14:16", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "sha1$ca76c$7d98908400bb7b27985b826559bc2f7c3b57bb55", "email": "", "date_joined": "2010-08-20 17:12:31"}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "testuser1", "first_name": "Test", "last_name": "User 1", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2010-08-20 17:15:54", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "sha1$097d4$ce0814b9f922fc89c504bef2abfaa3b3c0b68d75", "email": "", "date_joined": "2010-08-20 17:15:54"}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "testuser2", "first_name": "Test", "last_name": "User 2", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2010-08-20 17:16:59", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "sha1$c2a43$7a11aa09a2b7aafc23542834004d9070cc743310", "email": "", "date_joined": "2010-08-20 17:16:59"}}]
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