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Examples for DAOX token receivers
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DAOX integration guide

To integrate DAOX and start accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies in your Ethereum Smart contracts you should:

  1. Get list of supported tokens -- TODO impl method
  2. Implement TokenReceiver interface in your smart contract. onTokenTransfer function will be called from Token smart contract when your contract received payment.
    • msg.sender - token address. You MUST check this address before processing payment. This address should match with BTC token address (or other cryptocurrency token)
    • from - sender of BTC-backed (or other cryptocurrency) token. If new tokens are mint this address is 0x0
    • value - number of tokens sent
    • data - arbitrary byte array describing transaction (for example it can be address of the future token owner)
  3. Integrate issue method call into your website. Parameters description:
    • token - BTC-backed (or other cryptocurrency) token address
    • to - receiving contract address (from p.2)
    • data - description of the order (usually it should be your user's ethereum address. Exactly same data will be sent in onTokenTransfer call)
  4. Optionally: Use getRequestStatus to check payment status


  • LoggingReceiver - simple smart-contract for receiving tokens. It just logs incoming transactions
  • Sale contract - TODO
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