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- Remove usage of na_* types from the cart in order to allow an update
to the latest mercury that no longer exports those types

Signed-off-by: Alexander A Oganezov <>

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What is DAOS?

The Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is an open-source software-defined object store designed from the ground up for massively distributed Non Volatile Memory (NVM). DAOS takes advantage of next generation NVM technology like Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVM express (NVMe) while presenting a key-value storage interface and providing features such as transactional non-blocking I/O, advanced data protection with self-healing on top of commodity hardware, end-to-end data integrity, fine-grained data control and elastic storage to optimize performance and cost.

DAOS supports multiple application interfaces including a parallel filesystem, Hadoop/Spark connector, TensorFlow-IO, native Python dictionary bindings, HDF5, MPI-IO and more to come.


DAOS is licensed under the BSD-2-Clause Plus Patent License. Please see the LICENSE & NOTICE files for more information.


The DAOS documentation is available online. More information can also be found on the wiki.


For any questions, please post to our user forum. Bugs should be reported through our issue tracker with a test case to reproduce the issue (when applicable) and debug logs.


Interact with members of the DAOS community real-time on slack. An invitation to join the slack workspace is automatically sent when joining the community mailing list.

DAOS is a SODA Foundation project.