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pragma solidity ^0.5.11;
import "@daostack/infra/contracts/votingMachines/IntVoteInterface.sol";
import "@daostack/infra/contracts/votingMachines/VotingMachineCallbacksInterface.sol";
import "./UniversalScheme.sol";
import "../votingMachines/VotingMachineCallbacks.sol";
* @title VoteInOrganizationScheme.
* @dev A scheme to allow an organization to vote in a proposal.
contract VoteInOrganizationScheme is UniversalScheme, VotingMachineCallbacks, ProposalExecuteInterface {
event NewVoteProposal(
address indexed _avatar,
bytes32 indexed _proposalId,
address indexed _intVoteInterface,
IntVoteInterface _originalIntVote,
bytes32 _originalProposalId,
uint256 _vote,
string _descriptionHash
event ProposalExecuted(address indexed _avatar, bytes32 indexed _proposalId, int256 _param, bytes _callReturnValue);
event ProposalDeleted(address indexed _avatar, bytes32 indexed _proposalId);
// Details of a voting proposal:
struct VoteProposal {
IntVoteInterface originalIntVote;
bytes32 originalProposalId;
uint256 vote;
bool exist;
// A mapping from the organization (Avatar) address to the saved data of the organization:
mapping(address=>mapping(bytes32=>VoteProposal)) public organizationsProposals;
struct Parameters {
IntVoteInterface intVote;
bytes32 voteParams;
// A mapping from hashes to parameters (use to store a particular configuration on the controller)
mapping(bytes32=>Parameters) public parameters;
* @dev execution of proposals, can only be called by the voting machine in which the vote is held.
* @param _proposalId the ID of the voting in the voting machine
* @param _param a parameter of the voting result, 1 yes and 2 is no.
* @return bool which represents a successful of the function
function executeProposal(bytes32 _proposalId, int256 _param) external onlyVotingMachine(_proposalId) returns(bool) {
Avatar avatar = proposalsInfo[msg.sender][_proposalId].avatar;
// Save proposal to memory and delete from storage:
VoteProposal memory proposal = organizationsProposals[address(avatar)][_proposalId];
delete organizationsProposals[address(avatar)][_proposalId];
emit ProposalDeleted(address(avatar), _proposalId);
bytes memory callReturnValue;
bool success;
// If no decision do nothing:
if (_param == 1) {
ControllerInterface controller = ControllerInterface(avatar.owner());
(success, callReturnValue) = controller.genericCall(
emit ProposalExecuted(address(avatar), _proposalId, _param, callReturnValue);
return true;
* @dev Hash the parameters, save them if necessary, and return the hash value
* @param _voteParams - voting parameters
* @param _intVote - voting machine contract.
* @return bytes32 -the parameters hash
function setParameters(
bytes32 _voteParams,
IntVoteInterface _intVote
) public returns(bytes32)
bytes32 paramsHash = getParametersHash(_voteParams, _intVote);
parameters[paramsHash].voteParams = _voteParams;
parameters[paramsHash].intVote = _intVote;
return paramsHash;
* @dev propose to vote in other organization
* The function trigger NewVoteProposal event
* @param _avatar avatar of the organization
* @param _originalIntVote the other organization voting machine
* @param _originalProposalId the other organization proposal id
* @param _vote - which value to vote in the destination organization
* @param _descriptionHash proposal description hash
* @return an id which represents the proposal
function proposeVote(
Avatar _avatar,
IntVoteInterface _originalIntVote,
bytes32 _originalProposalId,
uint256 _vote,
string memory _descriptionHash)
Parameters memory params = parameters[getParametersFromController(_avatar)];
IntVoteInterface intVote = params.intVote;
(uint256 minVote, uint256 maxVote) = _originalIntVote.getAllowedRangeOfChoices();
require(_vote <= maxVote && _vote >= minVote, "vote should be in the allowed range");
require(_vote <= _originalIntVote.getNumberOfChoices(_originalProposalId),
"vote should be <= original proposal number of choices");
bytes32 proposalId = intVote.propose(2, params.voteParams, msg.sender, address(_avatar));
organizationsProposals[address(_avatar)][proposalId] = VoteProposal({
originalIntVote: _originalIntVote,
originalProposalId: _originalProposalId,
exist: true
emit NewVoteProposal(
proposalsInfo[address(intVote)][proposalId] = ProposalInfo({
return proposalId;
* @dev Hash the parameters, and return the hash value
* @param _voteParams - voting parameters
* @param _intVote - voting machine contract.
* @return bytes32 -the parameters hash
function getParametersHash(
bytes32 _voteParams,
IntVoteInterface _intVote
) public pure returns(bytes32)
return keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_voteParams, _intVote));
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