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Note: As of November 12, 2011 this list is outdated. However, there seems
to be no good reason to invest time in updating it, since the CPAN Testers
Matrix is a more thorough, fully automated, and publically viewable resource
for determining what works and what doesn't.
If you have concerns over where Inline::CPP passes the smoke tests
please have a look at the test matrix here:
If you experience difficulty installing on your system, please do get in
touch with David Oswald <>. Your input might be just what's
needed to improve the install experience for others.
This list will be kept as-is for historical reasons, but do refer to the
CPAN Testers Matrix for more up to date information.
# ----------------- Outdated TESTED content follows -------------------------
This is a list I try to keep as up-to-date as possible with the state
of the module. This list is known to be up to date with Inline::CPP
version 0.20.
Key to reading this list:
ACROSS: Arch/OS/Compiler -or- Arch/Compiler
DOWN: Perl Version
CELLS: PASS|FAIL(tester's initials)
Linux/Alpha/GCC Linux/x86/GCC OpenBSD/x86/GCC Linux/PPC/GCC
5.005 PASS(nw) PASS(nw)
5.6.0 PASS(nw) PASS(nw)
5.6.1 PASS(nw) PASS(sor)
5.7.0 PASS(nw)
5.7.1 PASS(nw)
AP623 PASS(nw)
AP626 PASS(nw)
Sun2.5.1/GCC Sun2.5.1/Sun SunOS5.6/GCC SunOS5.6/Sun
5.005 PASS(nw) PASS(nw)
Sun5.7/GCC Sun5.7/Sun Sun5.8/GCC Sun5.8/Sun
5.6.1 PASS(dsb)
Win32/MS Win32/Cyg
AP623 PASS(nw)
5.6.1 PASS(nw)
Special Configurations:
This section describes special settings needed to make Inline::CPP work on
certain platforms.
o On Solaris using the SUNWspro compiler, you'll need to use these settings:
compiler: 'CC'
library: '-lCrun'
Note that if you use any of the "special" C++ things like cout or cin,
you'll need to add other libraries (and I'm not sure what they are).
On my box, I needed these flags:
library: '-lCrun -L/opt/SUNWspro/WS6/lib -lCstd'
Things to watch out for:
o LD_LIBRARY_PATH: If your c++ compiler is intalled in /usr/local, the
libstdc++ library might not be found. You can export LD_LIBRARY_PATH on
most systems to extend the search to the nonstandard paths. See the
ldconfig manpage for more information.
o You need to make sure the c++ compiler you use is compatible with the
version of perl you are using. For instance, when using perl built with
gcc, you should use g++ as the c++ compiler. If your perl was built with
the SUNWspro compiler, it's probably best to use the SUNWspro compiler to
build your c++ extensions.
o If Inline::CPP fails to bind to valid C++ code and you're running Perl
5.005, check the Inline::CPP manpage to see if you've hit one of the known
cases where Inline::CPP needs Perl 5.6.0 or better. You may be able to
adjust your code slightly to make it match. Or you can upgrade your Perl
to the current version and forget all about it forever.
Who are the testing people?
nw Neil Watkiss
bi Brian Ingerson
ks Ken Simpson
dsb David Boyce
sor Sean O'Rourke