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Refinements to the POD. Also more visibility for the github repo.

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@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
Revision history for Perl extension Inline::CPP.
-0.34_002 -----------------------------
+0.34_002 Fri Feb 17 02:15:00 PST 2012
- Patch to Makefile.PL provided by smoke tester Steven Schubiger which
- allows module to successfully install on MirBSD systems.
- - Patch to Makefile.PL by Dave Oswald to improve detection of Darwin
- OS to more accurately guess proper default libraries.
+ allows module to successfully install on MirBSD systems. Thanks!
+ - Patch to Makefile.PL by Dave Oswald to allow successful install for
+ Darwin OS by setting proper default libraries.
0.34_001 Thur Feb 09 23:22:00 PST 2012
- Patched Makefile.PL (as suggested by sisyphus) to better detect proper
Solaris compiler (targeting Solaris 2.11 bug).
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ INFORMATION:
The Inline mailing list is Send mail to to subscribe.
+This module's development is under version control with Git, hosted on Github
Please send questions and comments to "David Oswald" <>
Copyright (c) 2003 - 2012, Neil Watkiss, David Oswald. All Rights Reserved.
@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ please have a look at the test matrix here:
+If you experience difficulty installing on your system, please do get in
+touch with David Oswald <>. Your input might be just what's
+needed to improve the install experience for others.
This list will be kept as-is for historical reasons, but do refer to the
12 lib/Inline/CPP.pod
@@ -745,6 +745,8 @@ The dev branch will hold a combination of minor commits and CPAN
"Developer" releases (these will have a version number formatted as:
+Other 'topic' branches will come and go as needed.
Most discussion relating to this module (user or developer) occurs on
the Inline mailing list, See
L<> for details on subscribing.
@@ -759,7 +761,9 @@ allow several features of C++:
=over 4
=item a Templates: You may use existing template libraries in your code, but
-L<Inline::CPP> won't know how to parse template definitions.
+L<Inline::CPP> won't know how to parse and bind template definitions. Keep
+the templates encapsulated away from the interface that will be exposed
+to Perl.
=item b Operator overloading
@@ -787,6 +791,10 @@ future are:
as many platforms as possible. The goal is to achieve a smoke-test
"pass" rate similar to Inline::C.
+The current "smoke test" pass rate seems to be around 95%. I'm always
+working on chipping away at that last 5%. If you're one of the unfortunate
+5% get in touch with me so we can try to figure out what the problem is.
=item b Improvements to the test suite.
=item c Address other bugs and deficiences mentioned above.
@@ -802,6 +810,8 @@ as many platforms as possible. The goal is to achieve a smoke-test
Neil Watkiss <>
David Oswald <> is the current maintainer.
+David Oswald's Inline::CPP githug repo is:
Brian Ingerson <> is the author of C<Inline>,
C<Inline::C> and C<Inline::CPR>. He is known in the innermost Inline

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