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  • Improved pipeline view
  • Improved RDF mapping view
  • Redesign of the utility functions view
  • Improved RDF vocabulary management
  • Added keyword support in transformations metadata
  • New readonly mode
  • Datapage creation from Grafterizer
  • Integration with
  • Improved previewing service with a cache and a load balancer
  • Integration of jarfter : generation of Java transformation executables
  • the table column names doesn't start by ':'
  • The uploaded files titles don't contain the month
  • Clicking outside a dialog will close the dialog
  • Updated to Angular 1.4 and Angular Material 0.11
  • Browsing of public transformations
  • Search in the transformation view

Bug fixes

  • The stability has been improved by 20%
  • It is now possible to upload a file when a new transformation hasn't been saved yet
  • The dataset upload button doesn't hide anymore the preview table
  • Support of transformations taking longer than 30 seconds to process
  • The clojure view desynchronizations should be fixed
  • Fixed layout when the window is resized from a very small size back to a normal size
  • RDF mapping prefixes can be deleted
  • Preview requests are sent more intelligently
  • Fixed integration with Microsoft Edge and Safari
  • All the root nodes types are available in the RDF mapping
  • It is possible to close the utility functions dialog when no function is selected
  • It is possible to upload CSV when the clojure view is selected
  • Switching the automatic preview on will trigger a preview requests
  • Editing the root RDF node into a blank node doesn't invalidates the graph mapping anymore
  • Editing a root RDF node doesn't delete all the sub nodes
  • It is possible to select and upload files on touch devices



  • The JavaScript errors are reported with Raven-js to a Sentry server hosted on AWS.
  • The transformation layout can be resized.
  • The RDF mapping contains beautiful icons.
  • It's possible to remove a graph mapping from a transformation.
  • The preview mode has been improved in order to facilitate his usage.
  • The preview is paginated, with an infinite scrolling.
  • The data transfer during a datapage creation is now done server side
  • An upload button has been introduced.
  • It is possible to replace an existing custom function

Bug Fixes

  • The flexbox layout model has changed in recent browsers releases, and Grafterizer has been fixed.
  • An empty rename-columns function no longer break the preview.
  • The tabular data is correctly transfered to the datapage.
  • Selecting text in the tabs no longer sweep the tabs.
  • The height of modal windows is fixed on small screens.
  • The default RDF mapping is removed.
  • The preview table doesn't change the names of the columns.
  • The help button is hidden when the help link is already displayed by
  • Nginx is now case insensitive, in order to reduce the 404 errors during deployment.