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iOS WebBluetooth Polyfill
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Initial partial implementation of the Web Bluetooth spec for iOS, to get some basics working.

This builds on Paul Thierault's original implementation.

The app is fundamentally a WKWebView with a polyfill providing the javascript APIs calling through to the CoreBluetooth iOS API via a thin transaction management layer.

Supported APIs v1.0


  • .requestDevice(options)
    • options.acceptAllDevices = true to ask for any device
    • options.filters is a list of filters (mutually exclusive with acceptAllDevices) with properties
      • name: devices with the given name will be included
      • namePrefix: devices with names with this prefix will be included
      • services: list of service aliases or uuids.


  • .id
  • .name
  • .gatt
  • .gattserverdisconnected: EventHandler


  • .connected
  • .connect()
  • .disconnect()
  • .getPrimaryService(uuid)


  • .uuid
  • .device
  • .getCharacteristic(uuid)


  • .service
  • .uuid
  • .value
  • .readValue()
  • .writeValue(value)
  • .oncharacteristicvaluechanged: EventHandler
  • .startNotifications()
  • .stopNotifications()
  • .addEventListener()
  • .removeEventListener()

Everything else is TBD!

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