Molecules similarities using Spark and Cassandra
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SwissSim -- Searching best-matching molecules at scale

If you ever thought about wiring Spark and Cassandra in a real-life project, this is for you. We do process 1 billion molecules stored in a Cassandra cluster via Spark. And it works great!

Checkout the Getting Started page to submit a request in few seconds, and the API page for more details of what's going on under the hood.

The SwissSim project is hosted with ❤ by the DAPLAB team.

Contributing to SwissSim

Code contributions, bug reports, feature requests etc. are all welcome.

If you are new to GitHub please read Contributing to a project for how to send patches and pull requests to SwissSime.

And if you find cool writing such piece of software, join us every Thursday evening for our weekly Hacky Thursdays!