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In this repository we provide a formal specification for UniswapV2.

Repository Structure

  • The src directory contains the literate markdown spec files:

  • uniswap-v2-core pins the version of the contracts used to generate the bytecode for verification.

  • deps pins the version of klab used to generate the proofs.

HTML Report

The behavior of the contracts specified by generates a series of reachability claims, defining succeeding and reverting behavior for each function of each contract. These reachability claims are then tested against the formal semantics of the EVM using the klab tool for interactive proof inspection and debugging.

An HTML version of this specification, together with links to in-browser symbolic execution previews, is available at

Running the specs

To prove all specs:

git clone --recursive
cd k-uniswap-v2
nix-shell --command 'make prove'

The following commands may be useful for those intending to hack on the specs:

nix-shell   # enter dev shell
make        # build klab and contracts
make dapp   # build contracts using dapp
make waffle # build contracts using waffle

If you have direnv installed, you can automaticaly enter and leave the nix-shell as you enter and leave the project directory tree.


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