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Dapper Linux Issues

This repository is used as a issue tracker for all components of the Dapper Linux operating system.

Please open new issues here, and the Dapper Linux community can discuss and fix these issues. Make sure you check the current open issues list before creating a new issue to avoid duplication.

Dapper Linux is on a weekly release schedule. Since development on Dapper Linux is so rapid, please make sure you are using the latest release available, or have installed Dapper Linux and are fully up to date.

Updating a live image is not quite good enough most of the time, please take the time to install the live image, and update the installed system.

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If you would like to talk with the Dapper Linux team, you can join our IRC channel:

Dapper Linux IRC

If you need more information, see the Dapper Linux website:

Visit the Dapper Linux Website


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