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DAPPER Stat's Mission, Vision, and Philosophies


On-Point Quantitative Analysis


An equitable, sustainable, and quantitatively-minded society.


DAPPER Stats develops cutting-edge computational and statistical tools that address pressing practical problems while promoting science literacy and professional development in underserved communities.


DAPPER Stats was formed out of a need to have a safe and supportive work environment, and as such, prioritizes employee health and well-being as an ethical standard. We actively challenge the notion of a rigid work schedule, and support our employees in developing schedules that are healthful and lead to productive science.

We recognize that society as a whole (and science in particular) is fraught with hierarchies of priviledge and power and a history of barbarc colonialism. We seek to draw attention to, challenge, and break down such systems wherever and whenever possible. DAPPER supports our employees in such causes which are important to them, and is willing to contribute resources as possible.

DAPPER Stats is a for-profit company, but we do not operate with profit motives. We intentionally challenge the legacies of accumulated wealth through actions such as providing free resources, leveraging a sliding scale approach with clients, financially investing in our community's charitable organizations, and progressively compensating our workforce.

We are scientists and DAPPER Stats believes strongly in the scientific method and science ethics. Although we consult for clients, we uphold our commitment to the scientific enterprise as of prime importance.

DAPPER Stats is agnostic with respect to statistical framework and computational language.

We believe science is best when conducted as a public endeavor for public good. As much as possible given client constraints, we make our processes and products open and accessible.

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