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Access Access® Databases without Access to Access®

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Tools for accessing Access® databases in the absence of access to Access®.

The focal component of accessor (unlocking the Access® database) is built on top of mdbtools and unixodcb software libraries and consists of a set of bash scripts with options that allow the user to target a remote (-r) or local (-l) database.

A folder (named after the database) is created and populated with .csv files (one for each table, named accordingly) which can then optionally be read into R using a set of generalized functions.

We package accessor into a stable yet flexible Docker software container, as written out in the Dockerfile and with an available image on Docker Hub.

Default settings are for the California Delta fish salvage database (as implemented in the salvage repo) but users can specify any remote or local database to be converted to .csvs and can automate loading of the data into R via command line options.

See the methods description for more details and the salvage repo to see accessor in action.

Authors and Version Info

J. L. Simonis of DAPPER Stats


If you are interested in contributing, see the Contributor Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

DAPPER Stats provides this software under the MIT License. If you are interested in applying the code to your own Access®-associated situation, please contact us!