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Ethereum development, dapphub-style.


Usage: dapp <command> [<args>]
   or: dapp help <command>

Build, test, deploy and transact with Ethereum contracts from the comfort of your command line.


   address         determine address of newly generated contract
   build           compile the source code
   clean           remove compiled source directory
   clone           clone a github repo
   create          deploy a compiled contract (--verify on Etherscan)
   debug           start an interactive debugger for unit tests (hevm)
   help            print help about dapp(1) or one of its subcommands
   init            bootstrap a new dapp
   install         install a smart contract library
   pkg             use the dapp package manager
   test            run the test suite
   testnet         launch a testnet
   uninstall       remove a smart contract library
   update          fetch all upstream lib changes
   upgrade         pull & commit all upstream lib changes


These variables can be set at the prompt or in a .dapprc file.

Variable Default Synopsis
DAPPTOOLS ~/.dapp/dapptools Installed location of tools
DAPP_SRC src Project Solidity source directory
DAPP_LIB lib Directory for installed Dapp packages
DAPP_OUT out Directory for compilation artifacts
DAPP_SOLC_VERSION n/a Solidity compiler version to use
DAPP_VERBOSE n/a Produce more dapp test output
DAPP_SKIP_BUILD n/a Avoid compiling this time
DAPP_LINK_TEST_LIBRARIES 1 when testing; else 0 Compile with libraries
DAPP_VERIFY_CONTRACT yes Attempt Etherscan verification
SOLC_FLAGS n/a Compilation flags passed to solc

A global (always loaded) config file is located in ~/.dapprc. A local .dapprc can also be defined in your project's root, which overrides variables in the global config.


dapp is distrubuted as part of the Dapp tools suite.

Alternative install

If you don't want to use Nix, we provide an alternative installation mechanism using make below.

Please make sure you have:

and then run:

   make link                  install dapp(1) into /usr/local
   make uninstall             uninstall dapp(1) from /usr/local


The provided Dockerfile is based on the node image.

docker build -t dapp .                build the Docker image
docker run -it -v `pwd`:/src dapp     run `dapp test' on the current directory
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